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Publikationen aus dem Projekt


Meißner, R., Blumer, M., Weiß, M., Beukes, M., Aramayo Ledezma, J. L., Condori, Y.,  Aramayo Bejarano, J. L., & Jansen, M. (2023): Habitat  destruction  threatens  jaguars  in  a  mixed  land use region of eastern Bolivia. Oryx (in press) link



Jansen, M. & Beukes, M. (2022): Bürgertreff im Bolivianischen Dschungel. Natur Forschung Museum, 152, 4/6: 71-73. link



Jansen, M., Engler, M., Blumer, L.M., Rumiz, D.I., Aramayo, J.L., & Krone, O. (2020) A camera trapping survey of mammals in the mixed landscape of Bolivia’s Chiquitano region with a special focus on the jaguar. CheckList 16(2): 323-335. link